Preparing Your Property For Rent

You must ensure that the property is clean and fit and safe to live in and in a good state of repair.

At Real Estate Mackay City when you contact us for a rental appraisal we will provide you with suggestions for achieving the maximum rental, and with any items in the property that represent any health or safety concerns, we will provide recommendations to ensure that you are not exposed legally.

Our knowledge and experience is invaluable when assessing your property.

Items we may refer to when we inspect your property

Smoke Alarms

We always ask that a hard-wired smoke alarm be fitted to all rental properties; due to the high chance of a tenant tampering with a removable battery powered alarm (9-volt battery powered alarms) and onerous obligations imposed upon landlords under the Residential Tenancies Act who install 9 volt battery powered alarms.

In the case where a hard-wired smoke alarm cannot be fitted, then it is recommended that a 10 Year Lithium Battery Operated alarm be installed. This type of alarm is easily fitted like a 9-Volt type alarm, but the 10 Year Lithium alarm has a battery sealed inside that cannot be removed. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 specifies the type of alarm to be installed and its location.

In accordance with legislation alarms must be compliant prior to a tenant moving into a property, and inspected every twelve months, or at the expiry of a six month lease and at every change of tenancy. We have secured the services of a Compliance Technician who will check the alarms in a property for a cost of $28 and if a basic alarm needs to be replaced, will do so for an extra cost of $10. (The cost may be increased if a property is located outside of a 14km radius of Mackay City) All hardwired alarms must be replaced by a qualified electrician.

Pest Control

For houses, we recommend a pest control treatment be carried out annually. If you are vacating a property where a dog/cat has been kept, a flea treatment is recommended.

Exterior Cleaning and Garden Tidy Up

For houses, we recommend pruning back any overhanging trees/vines, weeding of garden beds, mowing and edging of lawns and removal of garden waste. Pressure cleaning of driveways and/or paving areas is also recommended.


Ensure that the property provides adequate security to enable tenants to obtain contents insurance for their personal items. Also, it is recommended that all locks are secure and all operate effectively with keys.

Windows and Doors

Ensure that all windows and doors (including cupboard doors), open and close easily. All locks and keys must be fully functional so that the premises are fully secure.


Ensure at least 3 sets of keys, security swipe cards & remote controls (if applicable) have been provided to your Property Manager including keys for window locks, garage, garden sheds and the letterbox.


Council waste bins must be made available for the tenant’s use. These are the general waste bin, and the recycling bin.


It is a legal requirement that any appliances left at the property for use by the tenant must be maintained in a working condition by the landlord. It is recommended that landlords retain the original warranty and appliance manuals and provide a copy as reference for the tenants.

Strata Owners Corporation

If the property is a strata unit, villa or townhouse, a copy of the Strata By-Laws should be provided to us as we are legally obliged to provide the tenant with a copy. Should the Strata By-Laws be changed/updated by the Owners Corporation, please provide us with a copy of the changed By-Laws so they can be provided to the tenant. When the property has been leased, we also advise the Owners Corporation/Strata Manager know the name and contact details of the new tenant.

Carpet Cleaning

We recommend that professional carpet cleaning be carried out prior to a tenant moving in. The tenant is required, at the end of their tenancy, to ensure that the carpet is left in as close as possible the same condition as when they moved in (fair wear and tear excepted). Having the carpets professional cleaned prior to the tenant moving in, sets a good standard.


It is very important at the commencement of the tenancy, that the property has a PRE-TENANCY CLEAN. We can arrange a pre-tenancy clean quote with one of our recommended cleaners if required. If we hand over the property with a high standard of cleanliness, we can ensure the tenants return the property to the same standard of clean at the end of the tenancy.

General Repairs and any Safety Issues

Upon inspecting your property, we will make recommendations as to any repairs/safety issues that may need to be addressed – prior to a tenant moving in.

You can find further information on preparing your property for rent in Section Three of our Information Booklet for Owners in the button below.


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