Selling with Real Estate Mackay City


Real Estate Mackay City (REMCity) combines outstanding personnel with a dedication to providing an unmatched level of service to our clients. Individually and collectively REMCity are committed to you and your property.


Comprehensive Marketing

Presentation and timing are key to achieving the best result for your property. Our professional team of experts will seamlessly coordinate in just one visit and have your property ready to market within days. Using the latest technologies, innovative ideas and dedicated marketing personnel we will market your property locally, nationally and globally.


Expert Advice

Through training and experience our team offers expert advice to guide you through the selling process. At REMCity we understand that selling a property is as much a matter for the heart as the head, and taking the time to understand your needs will help us to help you.



At REMCity we pride ourselves on proactive communication. We understand that good relationships are paramount and our team will work to support you though the entire sales process and beyond.


Professional Performance

Jenny and her Team will go over and above to sell your property! To ensure your property is presented at its best to prospective buyers, Jenny does the little things that matter, such as, disposing of forgotten rubbish, removing dead vegetation, like fallen dead palm fronds, and ensuring the interior is clean and tidy.


To download our “Selling with REMCITY Guide” CLICK HERE